Navigator Consulting Group is an international consultancy specialising in business development and economic transformation in the changing global economy.

Our mission is to support the process of strategic change. We guide companies through strategic development, caused by technological change, the investment cycle and other competitive impacts. 


Our role is to act as a trusted advisor, providing objective and results-oriented analysis, solutions and implementation.

Our investment advisory and digital transformation services are strengthened by our in-house digital marketing agency, Navigator Digital, as well as our angel investment commitment, the Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter. 


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Our Consulting Practise

Investment Analysis 

We support investment analysis through due diligence, business planning, market research, financial forecasting and risk analysis. 

Investment Advisory

We support investment decisions through consultancy support, company valuation,  investment marketing and promotion.

Post-Investment Restructuring

We provide strategic restructuring with a focus on business functions and strategies, marketing and sales and human resources management.

Digital Transformation

We assist start-ups and enterprises compete in the digital world through web development, online marketing, online sales, content marketing, eCRM and more.  

Upcoming Events

  • Digital Transformation and Project Management in Cyprus
    26 Jan, 08:40 – 27 Jan, 17:30
    Egkomi, Achaion 1, Egkomi 2413, Cyprus
    Digital transformation addresses the changes associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Our training programme supports enterprises in migrating online using practical and tangible strategies, tools and tactics.
  • Content Marketing and Online Customer Engagement for the Cyprus Legal Sector
    17 May, 08:45 – 18 May, 17:15
    Egkomi, Achaion 1, Egkomi 2413, Cyprus
    The strategic training programme will cover the following issues: Content Marketing, SEO, Inbound Marketing, Audience Segmentation, Content Distribution

By contrast, work in an organization where value is made to flow continuously also creates the conditions for psychological flow. Every employee has immediate knowledge of whether the job has been done right and can see the status of the entire system.

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