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Agrifood Project Experience

With global population now over 7.7 billion, assuring the quality, integrity and productivity of the agriculture and food processing sector is of paramount importance. 

Navigator supports investors and owners of food processing plants, primary agricultural production and other segments improve productivity and output through investment-led and technology-led growth. 

We have worked across a range of segments, including primary crop production, fruits and vegetables, vineyards and wine production, olives and olive oil production, dairy products, meat processing, fisheries and aquaculture (see separate section), and others. 

Our work includes investment due diligence, technology adaptation, digital transformation, supply chain optimisation, regulatory compliance and growth. 

Please view a sample of information below, and contact us for additional information. 

Geothermal Greenhouse Investment in Iceland

Client Confidential, 2013

Web Marketing Guide for the Cyprus Food and Beverage Sector

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2013

Cyprus Speciality Food & Wine Buyers Mission

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2012

Effective Web Design and Online Promotion in the Cyprus Wineries Sector

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2011

German Wine Market Study

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2009

Greece e-marketing Training

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2005

Cyprus Food Distribution CRM Study 

Client Confidential, 2005

Greece Investment Planning: Aquaculture Investments

Hellenic Aquaculture Firms, 1995

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