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Vision - Accelerating Change

Our world is characterised by accelerating transformational change. Revolutions in information technology, life sciences, consumer behaviour and the global supply chain are changing the ways in which businesses, consumers and citizens function.


Our societies, work environments and family structures are evolving in ways that are perhaps more significant than ever before.

In addition to the enormous pressures caused in the Anthropocene era, the very definition of humanity is changing as new technologies such as genetic splicing and bionic implants take form. 

As change occurs, sources of competitive advantage transform quickly and irrevocable. Barriers to entry fall, and the product lifecycle accelerates. Companies must adapt lean management, eliminate waste and focus on continual improvement.


Customer-centred processes are required that address the needs of consumers, customers, intermediaries, distributors and other key stakeholders. In a global labour market, professions are dynamic and fast-changing, requiring continual enhancement of qualifications and knowledge.


As we move towards a global shareholder and a knowledge economy, the quality and efficiency of human resources constitutes a key competitive advantage to any firm and, by extension, to any society.

At Navigator Group, we are building a professional services organisation that supports enterprises, managers and institutional clients withstand the challenges of change. 


While we initially started our work as classical management and strategy consultants, we have since expanded into parallel domains:


In addition to launching our own spin-offs through our Entrepreneurship Charter, we are committed to supporting third-party startups. 

In the future, we will be adding additional functions to our group, including management development, fiduciary services and sustainability solutions. 

Read more about our vision and how it is affected by 8 key global trends, and by the digital revolution. As this change unfolds, our company, management team and consultants will evolve in response. 

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