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Business Incubation & Start-up Support 

Navigator Consulting Group offers a range of services in the field of business incubation, ranging from technical and operational support to entrepreneurs and start-ups, to provision of interim management and business set-up.

Our operations are characterised by a respect for confidentiality and intellectual property, an ethical approach to business, and a realistic evaluation of business potential.

Our unique competence involves linking the high-value business planning and modelling and market analysis approach which has been deployed for major investments, to the specific entrepreneurial opportunities and technological potential.

This has led us to the formulation of our own Entrepreneurship Charter, and the foundation of our own business incubator.

Our Entrepreneurship Charter

The Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter explains our commitment to business incubation and innovation, including our commitment to start 10 new companies by 2020. We have recently extended this to 2030 to accommodate additional start-ups. 


Project Criteria

Navigator offers early-stage investment support to start-ups and entrepreneurs which leverages our core competencies in such fields as business planning, business start-up, information and communication technologies, and financial planning and support.


Startup Portfolio

Our portfolio of business start-ups includes companies in the areas of online business intelligence, event planning and management, corporate registration and management, and investment promotion.


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