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We live in an age of accelerating technological change. Whether this refers to the rise of the digital metaverse, or the progress made in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and augmented reality, it is clear that we are rapidly approaching a tipping pointing human history. 

Navigator Consulting has been deeply embedded in the rise of the tech sector since our inception in 1995. Our first five years of operations were heavily affected by the launch of the Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer web browsers that touched off the Web 1.0 boom, lead to a rapid increase in investments in tech. Following the 1999/2000 crash, the Web 2.0 boom started, with the rise of tech companies such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, that have transformed our society and economy. 

Today, we are working at the forefront of DeepTech - high risk investments in advanced, transformative technologies with the potential to disrupt our economy and society. This includes artificial intelligence and machine learning; extended realities (augmented reality, virtual reality); robotics; drones; data sensoring and fusion; biotechnology and more. 


We provide a comprehensive set of services to start-ups, investors and established companies in the technology and innovation sector. These include: 


  • Business planning and financial modelling of tech investments;

  • Due diligence on founder teams and investments; 

  • Early stage angel investment as well as fundraising for later financing stages; 

  • Transformation through technology, including digital transformation as well as investment- and sustainability-driven manufacturing modernisation; 

  • Digital tranformation; 

  • Training and development of digital and tech skills. 

A review of our project experience is seen below. Please contact us for a confidential assessment of how we can help you in technology and innovation. 


Navigator DeepTech Experience


Navigator Consulting Investment Services for Technology and Startups


Digital and Technology Diagnostic Analysis


Navigator Consulting Web Design Experience


Navigator Consulting Digital Marketing Analysis


Navigator Consulting Digital Education and Training Services


Digital Transformation in Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2019

Online Growth Strategies for Small Enterprises & Start-ups, Nicosia

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2018

Financing and Growth Strategies for Cyprus Start-ups

Research Promotion Foundation, 2018

Digital Project Management and Enterprise Transformation in Cyprus, Nicosia

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2018

Cyprus Online CEM in Tourism Training Programme

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2017

Socama Group Financial Sector Website Development

Socama Group, 2016

Athens Business Forum Website Development

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Greece, 2016

Cyprus Content Marketing and Online Public Relations Management

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2015

Cyprus Tactical Tourism Marketing Training

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2015

Cyprus Tourism Online Marketing Training

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2015

Internationalisation and Commercialisation Methods for Business Networks (InterCom)

Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2014

Cyprus Professionals Inbound Marketing and Online Reputation Management

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2014

Cyprus Mastering Online Marketing: Effective Email Campaigns Training

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2014

Cyprus Tourism Online Marketing Solutions

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2013

AIMIS Website Audit and Re-design

American Institute of Minimally-Invasive Surgery (AIMIS), 2012

Poland and Lithuania Developing Business Cluster Management

Partners for Local Government, 2012

Transfer of Experiential and Innovative Teaching Methods for Business Education - Poland

Economics University of Poznan, 2012

Effective Web Design and Online Promotion in the Cyprus Wineries Sector

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2011

European Consulting Network (ECN)

ECN Business Intelligence LLP, 2009

Transfer of Innovative Teaching and Learning Experiential Methods for Management Education

Consortium, 2008

Greek e-marketing Training

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2005

Greece Establishment and Management of a Computer-Based Testing Centre

US Educational Foundation / Sylvan Prometric

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