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Navigator Consulting Online Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX) in Tourism - Training

Online Customer Experience Management in Tourism Training Programme

Navigator Consulting and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry organised a strategic training programme on Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX) for the Cyprus Tourism Sector.

The travel sector is one of the most competitive in terms of online marketing, while digital disruption has affected every segment and facet of it. In addition to managing their own website and social media ecosystem, they must implement channel management on a daily or even hourly basis, while also managing guest reviews on platforms such as Tripadvisor or Facebook.

With this in mind, Navigator Consulting and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry organised a strategic training programme on Customer Experience Management (CEM/CX) for the Cyprus Tourism Sector. Held at the Napa Plaza Hotel, the 2-day training programme was followed by company consultations. The training covered key aspects of online CEM, specifically adapted to the tourism sector.

Training subjects included:

  • Module 1: Online Consumer Behaviour Online: demographic trends from Millenials; Generation X; and Baby Boomers; Cypriot versus foreign customers preferences, including B2B Trade, B2B MICE and B2C segments; Social media trends and technology; and the online sales funnel, including linear and iterative interpretations;

  • Module 2: Managing Customer Experience at Online Registration and Checkout:  optimising the linear sales funnel and iterative sales processes; B2B versus B2C selling online; strategic selling; Effective user registration; Effective wishlist, checkout and payment processes; Consumer protection and insurance

  • Module 3: Managing Tourism Customer Experience on Social Media, with a focus on Facebook, Google+, and Tripadvisor

  • Module 4: The Tourism Customer Experience Roadmap: Establishing a strategic roadmap for CEM in tourism enterprises. Key points include: Key value drivers for travellers; charting the value stream; key performance standards; tourist interaction methods.

  • Module 5: The CEM Workstream: developing a structured approach towards defining the Customer Experience Workstream in travel.

  • Module 6: Designing Emotionally-Engaging CEM: understanding customer psychology online to improve website content, front-end design and customer experience.

  • Module 7: Branding and Content Development for Online CEM: Review of the basic online branding and content which is known to increase customer approval ratings.

  • Module 8: Branding & Online Reputation Management (ORM): Module 8 explores the basics of online branding and online reputation management. Subjects include policies for dealing with complaints or criticisms on social media: Focus on Tripadvisor,, Facebook and Google+; procedures for negative search engine result removal requests and removing offensive content from Facebook and Google, including legal take-down requests;​ and others.

The Cyprus tourism companies that participated in the training are:

  • Alasia Land Developments

  • Ayia Napa Hotels

  • Bella Napa Hotels

  • Cavo Maris Beach Hotel

  • Giovani Masterfix

  • Golden Coast

  • H&C Hotels & Catering

  • Kanika Olympic Hotel

  • Lordos Hotels Holdings

  • Melpo Antia Hotels

  • Napa Mermaid Hotels & Suites

  • Waterworld Holdings

  • M&A Bellini Bungalows


For additional information on Customer Experience Management solutions or online marketing services for tourism, please contact us.

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Date of Engagement:
May - June 2017

Countries of Operation:

Business Function:
Human Resources, Digital Transformation

Business Sector:


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