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Founded in 1995, Navigator Consulting implements between 15 and 20 projects per year, typically focussed on a specific sector, but cutting across multiple business functions. 

A selection of our consulting project experience is grouped by sector on the following pages. For further information, please contact us. 

Image by Caterina Begliorgio


In 2020, we are launching Navigator Consulting in Ireland. Ireland has developed into one of the most interesting tech ecosystems and Europe. In addition to the presence of multinationals and start-ups, the role of institutions such as Enterprise Ireland and the presence of an open banking sector are key advantages for our work.


Our objectives in Ireland are to:


  • Access experienced executives and consultants with international experience that can broaden our staff profile and add depth to our talent bench;


  • Expand contact with fast-moving start-ups, founder teams, coders, and financial partners;


  • Learn from and partner with the innovation ecosystem in Ireland, which includes some of the most fascinating tech start-ups in the world.


Please contact us for further information

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