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Financial Modelling

Navigator Consulting specialises in the development of dynamic financial models suitable for investor decision-making and investment assessment.


Our financial models include a complete operational and financial analysis and forecast for the firm's operations and investments, and are designed to compare:

  • A Base Case with an Investment Case

  • A Base Case with an Upside or Downside Case

  • Future Growth linking to Historical Growth Models


Our modelling typically includes:

  • Assumptions,

  • Workings,

  • Profit/Loss,

  • Cash Flow,

  • Balance Sheet,

  • Capital Expenditure

  • Depreciation 

  • Debt Analysis

  • Key Financial Ratios

A key strength is financial modelling of start-ups or tech enterprises. In addition to the standard operational modelling, we integrate tech-specific metrics such as traction, customer churn, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition costs, cash burn rates, runway and other KPIs necessary for venture capital and angel investor due diligence, fundraising and investment decision-making. 

Please contact us for consulting services related to financial modelling of investments.

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