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Navigator Consulting Operations in Greece


In Greece, our primary objectives are to contribute to the strategic and financial restructuring of the country through the promotion of foreign direct investments, mergers and acquisitions.


Our company was founded in Greece in 1995. We have advised on some of the largest investments taking place in Greece, but also advise smaller firms and startups.


Our thesis for Greece is that:


  • Greece is a high-cost operating, complex environment where public sector services fall far short of what is necessary or expected. There is a very complex public sector that relies on outdated, rent-seeking authorisations. As a result, companies, entrepreneurs and staff usually have to double spend to recreate public service benefits for their staff.


  • While assets could be gotten for a low price in 2013-2015, that era is over except in a few unique circumstances.


  • Any investment in Greece must take a long-term view towards capital return and must target as large a share of export income (including net service exports) as possible. Relying on the domestic market is, except in a few areas, a recipe for failure.


  • Ten years of austerity, building on 30 years of entirely artificial socialism, have created a public and private sector mentality which will be alien to many investors and citizens.


  • There are few easy investments in Greece.


We believe that in addition to the simple addition of capital, a key necessity is modern management, in both the public and private sector. Only capital combined with a knowledge of real market economy operations has a chance of success, and is our preferred client. This assumes ethical management.


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