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​The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a startup and innovation hub created in 2016 by Navigator Consulting Group. The project originated from Navigator’s successful long-term commitment known as Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter. 


The CIE aims to create, maintain and support new startups from idea to growth. This involves the complete journey from ideation to foundation, prototype develop to sales and fundraising to organic growth.


CIE offers seven main areas of support for innovation and entrepreneurial success: 


  1. Idea Lab: Generating and refining idea for new business concepts and product-market fit.

  2. Business Incubation: Growing and nurturing new business with office space, legal and accounting support, business mentoring and more.

  3. Consultancy Support: Deploying 28 years of international consulting experience by Navigator Consulting in areas such as business planning, financial modelling, due diligence, startup fundraising and startup governance, but also investment promotion services, regional investment promotion services, open innovation programmes, strategic organisational development and internationalisation.

  4. Digital Marketing and Promotional Support: Our in-house digital marketing agency, Navigator Digital, provides support to startups and founders for web development, ecommerce and online sales, social media management, online advertising, content marketing, inbound marketing and more. 

  5. Entrepreneurship Programmes: Defining and implementing entrepreneurship and innovation development for universities, research institutes, chambers of commerce and industry, business clusters, regional and local governments, large corporates and more. 

  6. Research and Commercialisation Services: Supporting the commercialisation and licensing of intellectual property and prototypes. 

  7. Training and Mentoring: Providing formal training as well as mentoring and coaching to startup founders and staff in areas such as governance, financial management, business planning, financial forecasting, valuation, fundraising, marketing, talent management and more. 


Originally a separate legal entity, CIE is being absorbed into Navigator Consulting & Innovation Partners in September 2023 in order to reduce overhead costs and improve synergies and operations. 


The CIE is currently managing four initiatives that have emerged from within the Navigator Consulting Group ecosystem: 


  • European Innovation Mentor (EIM)

  • European Consulting Network (ECN) 

  • European Project Finance Fund (EPF)

  • Business Cluster Network (BCN).


The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is based in Limassol, Cyprus, but has the capacity and remit to provide its service across Europe and world-wide. 

In 2023, the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was legally absorbed into Navigator Consulting & Innovation Partners following our One Enterprise Strategy. 

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