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Navigator Consulting is currently based in three countries: Greece, Cyprus and Ireland. We also offer consultancy services world-wide, with a strong emphasis on Europe, Russia, and the former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).




In Greece, our primary objectives are to contribute to the strategic and financial restructuring of the country through the promotion of foreign direct investments, mergers and acquisitions.


Our company was founded in Greece in 1995. We have advised on some of the largest investments taking place in Greece, but also advise smaller firms and startups.

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We have been working in Cyprus since 1996. Our second project as Navigator (registered in Greece in 1995) took place for the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 1996. This began a cooperation that has lasted until this day.


In 2016, we took the strategic decision of closing our operations in the UK as a result of Brexit, and relocating and centralising all operations in Cyprus.

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In 2020, we are launching Navigator Consulting in Ireland. Ireland has developed into one of the most interesting tech ecosystems and Europe. In addition to the presence of multinationals and start-ups, the role of institutions such as Enterprise Ireland and the presence of an open banking sector are key advantages for our work.

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