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Navigator Consulting was founded in Athens in September 1995. Since then, we have achieved a number of milestones relating to our development as a company. These include:


Navigator Development Consulting International Ltd.

1995 – 2003


Navigator was originally conceived as a development consultancy, supporting governments and institutions in promoting restructuring and change. When we were founded, two key developments led to a change in focus alongside our founding mission.


  1. Netscape Navigator, the world’s first commercial web browser, was launched in 1995 (no relation to our firm). This revolutionized the web and led to the Web 1.0 boom and the crash. Our role in advising companies and governments on technology dates to here.

  2. Investment-led growth in the former Soviet Union. From 1992 onwards, a massive wave of investment-led growth transformed the Soviet Union, including the then CIS and the former Warsaw Pact. Our experience in managing growth meant that we advised on a series of privatizations, mergers, acquisitions, loans, and other deals in the region. This has remained our core competence today.


Navigator Consulting (France)



From 2000 to 2004, we founded and managed Navigator Consulting in Paris, France. This was due to the personal relocation of two founders to Paris.


Navigator Office in Kyiv, Ukraine

2001 – 2012


In 1999, we began operations in Ukraine. By 2001, these had reached a level where a full-time office was necessary. The office was operated as a representative office, and lasted until 2012. We continue to work in Ukraine, but without an office. We have advised on some of the largest investments in Ukraine, primarily in manufacturing sectors.


Navigator Consulting Group (Athens)

2003 – 2014


In 2003, we founded the successor to Navigator Development Consulting International, and operated this company until 2014. In 2010, we committed to a series of initiatives to support the Greek economy, until it became clear that the political system was in no way seriously engaged in solving the crisis. This led to the definitive closure of our presence in Greece.


Navigator Consulting Partners (London)

2003 – 2016


We registered Navigator in London in an effort to improve contact with key clients and shareholders. This effort was successful, and our international operations and exposure increased as a result. The 2016 Brexit referendum, however, together with increased requirements to become a regulated business, ended our operations there, and all activity has been relocated to Cyprus.


Numenor Capital Partners IHS Ltd. (Limassol)

2016 – present


Our current operations are held under Numenor Capital Partners, which acts as the holding company for our group. This includes our consultancy operations (under the brand name Navigator Consulting) as well as our start-up initiatives under the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).


Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).

2016 – present


In 2010, we committed to supporting one start-up per year in Europe from 2010-2020. This has led to the foundation of our business incubator, CIE.


Navigator Investment & Innovation Partners (Ireland)



This year we are registering Navigator in Ireland and beginning operations there. Our objective is to broaden and diversify our international operations, add further talent to our company, and in particular work with the innovation and tech ecosystem in Ireland.


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