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Investment Promotion & Fundraising

Navigator promotes the process of financing investments in companies. We also promote investment jurisdictions or destinations through marketing and promotion. 


Fundraising and Investment Promotion

In the area of fundraising, we provide consultancy services that (a) communicate investment potential and (b) introduce investment sponsors to potential financiers.


Please note that the services we offer in this area are designed for companies or start-ups only: we do not work with individual investors and do not promote listed or financial investments. We also do not promote financial funds, bonds, shares or equivalent products to investors. 

Typical services in this area include: 

  • Assessment of business plans, investment term sheets, and other plans; 

  • Assessment of teasers and materials; 

  • Developing and revising investment promotion priorities and materials; 

  • Investor match-making and introductions; 

  • Support for follow-up work if needed. 

Consulting to Investment Promotion Agencies and Financiers

We consult Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), financial institutions, family offices and equivalent organisations on increasing their exposure and deal flow in specific markets or segments. 

Consultancy services include: 

  • Developing investment promotion strategies and campaigns;

  • Campaign development and management;

  • Online marketing for investment promotion, including online advertising and social media;

  • Conference organisation and management; conference attendance;

  • Database development and electronic newsletter campaigns; 

  • Journalist outreach and online press releases; 

  • Investment profiling and case studies; 

  • Content marketing and search engine optimisation for investment locations; 

  • Managing investor expectations, communications and survey rankings;

  • Quality assessment and performance audits for Investment Promotion Agencies;

  • Roadshows and one-to-one meetings. 

Consulting to Family Offices and Wealth Managers

At Navigator Consulting, we understand the need for confidentiality and for planning ahead for multiple generations. The requirements of family investment offices or wealth managers are often challenged by the necessity for privacy and regulatory compliance. 

We specialise in serving the needs of family offices, investment trusts, and wealth managers by operating effectively at the high levels of discretion. 

Our services are deployed in careful consultation with investment managers to ensure market invisibility while at the same time reaching the results needed. 

Please contact us for assistance with investment promotion and fundraising.

Greek Paradise


NavInvest Greece is an online investment promotion service developed by Navigator Consulting to support investment in Greece.

Greek Paradise


NavInvest Cyprus is an online investment promotion service developed by Navigator Consulting to support investment in Cyprus. 

Athens Investment Summit.PNG


The Athens Investment Summit is an international conference on investing in Greece organised by Navigator Consulting.

Investment Promotion Examples

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