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Digital Transformation Consulting

We believe that by 2040, the majority of human social and economic transactions will be occuring in a digital universe. Driven by innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things and robotics, the rapidly-approaching future presents both the unlimited possibilities inherent in a progressive world of new technology, but also the inherent dangers for enterprises, citizens and societies that are unable to adapt. 

Navigator has worked at the forefront of technology since our foundation in 1995. This was the year the "browser wars" began, with Netscape Navigator followed by Microsoft's Internet Explorer. More than anything else, these two technologies kick-started the Web 1.0 boom, leading everyone from banks to utilities to media and enterprises to migrate online. 

The crash of 1999-2000 ushered in the Web 2.0 boom: the growth of social media and the internet as a platform. Much of the internet economy has since coalesced around "Big Tech": a few large, platform monopolists that dominate their respective segment and utilised their trillion-plus valuations to invest in or buy out thousands of innovative newcomers every year.


Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Apple, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, Nvidia, Oracle, and Samsung are all examples of BigTech innovation as well as domination in their respective categories. 

The DeepTech wave of investment and technological discovery now constitutions the third wave of investment and innovation in technology.


We define DeepTech as:

An emerging technology with significant potential to radically transform or disrupt existing solutions with far-reaching economic and social consequences. DeepTech companies typically face substantial scientific or engineering challenges in bringing their product to market. As a result, a large capital investment is usually needed before market launch, while technical and development risks are seen as high. ​

The recent explosive growth of large language models in artificial intelligence, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google Bard, or the neural interface research done by Neuralink, or the big data analysis and visualisation done by Palantir are all examples of DeepTech in action. 

Whether you are at the start of the digital transformation journey or have already made substantial steps along it, we are ready to support you and your staff with a range of consulting, training and technology advisory services. 

We work with your best interests in mind, ensuring that any technological recommendations are made taking into your organisational, financial and staff capabilities. 

Please contact us for additional information and a discussion of your digital transformation requirements. 

Digital transformation refers to converting work processes, activities and business models to meet digital economy requirements until the company is a fully networked digital organisation.

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Recent Project Experience

Development of an AI Skills Matching System for the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Website.


Support to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology for the definition of the Deep Tech Talent Initiative.


Design of the Elenium Website for Agetis Supplements Ltd.


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