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e-commerce Development

In the ancient history of 1995, the first generations of e-commerce installations typically required on “big iron” servers as well as large-scale Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) implementations. The costs to most retailers of setting up ecommerce websites was usually over € 100,000. 


Fast forward to 2024, and technology has provided solutions suited to large and small budgets. One of the signal lessons of technological evolution has been to steadily increase software capability while reducing the cost, placing the development and management of even the most complex applications into the reach of even micro enterprises. 


Today, we support vendors of all scales develop their e-commerce capabilities. This ranges from the design of customer e-commerce websites suited to extremely high traffic, to adaptation of existing platforms such as Wix, Wordpress, WooCommerce or Shopify. 

Our e-commerce consulting and development experience also spans across sectors, ranging from online retail to telecom services to e-banking and online tourism reservation systems.  


As with our general approach, we believe that technological selection should follow strategic decisions. It is most important to understand your own strategy, budget and return expectations for online sales than to select the most massive or attractive investment out there. 


Navigator Consulting’s e-commerce development service starts with digital strategy, and then does a deep dive into the data analysis and research you need in order to develop a competitive e-commerce website. 


Product Analysis

We start with a thorough product/service analysis to understand your product offerings, target market, and unique selling propositions. This analysis informs the design and functionality of your e-commerce platform, ranging from customer experience to sales funnel conversions. 


Competitive Analysis

Understanding your competitors in the same and related product segments is key to standing out in an oversaturated ecommerce marketplace. We implement in-depth competitive analysis to identify market trends, customer insights, pricing strategies, fulfilment promises and opportunities for differentiation. This research informs the development of a unique and compelling e-commerce strategy for your brand.


Conversion Funnels

Optimising the user journey from initial website visit to purchase and then repeat purchase is critical for e-commerce success. We design conversion funnels that guide users seamlessly through the purchase process. This involves intuitive navigation, compelling product displays, and strategically placed calls to action, all geared towards maximizing conversion rates.


Shipping and Fulfillment

A streamlined shipping and fulfillment process is vital for customer satisfaction. We strongly recommend integrating best-in-class logistics solutions into your e-commerce platform, optimizing shipping costs, providing real-time tracking, and ensuring timely and reliable delivery. This enhances the overall customer experience and contributes to repeat business.


Warranties and Product Returns

Building trust online with your customers involves transparent policies regarding warranties and product returns. While advising on e-commerce projects, we suggest including clear and user-friendly return processes, establishing trust and ensuring customer satisfaction even in the instances when returns are necessary.


Product and Sales Evaluation and Monitoring

Continuous evaluation of your product offerings is essential for staying ahead in the dynamic e-commerce landscape. We implement tools and analytics to track product and sales performance, gather customer feedback, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your product catalog for maximum profitability.


New Customer Acquisition

Growing your customer base is a priority in the competitive world of e-commerce. Our strategies for new customer acquisition involve a combination of targeted marketing and advertising, social media engagement, and search engine optimisation. A key requirement includes customer analysis and segmentation, including creation of lookalike audiences. 


Marketing Budgets

A well-defined and consistent marketing budget is the foundation for successful e-commerce ventures. We work with you to establish realistic and effective marketing budgets that align with your business goals. Our data-driven approach ensures that every marketing dollar is spent strategically, delivering measurable results and a strong return on investment.

Please contact us for a confidential assessment or study of your e-commerce strategy and technology. 

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) refers to the online sale and fulfilment of goods and services. e-commerce requires a product selection and sales processing mechanism and implies that products and services can be adequately defined, priced and delivered. 

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Recent Project Experience

Design and delivery of the Elenium Website for Agetis Supplements Ltd.


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