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Property & Construction Project Experience

With global population now over 7.8 billion, assuring a stable supply of commercial and residential property is a key global priority. In recent years, property values in several locations have been distorted by private equity activity, a zero interest rate policy and/or income yielding activities touched off by urbanisation, tourism (airbnb) or similar trends. 

Navigator supports investors and owners of property and real estate optimise their investments in light of: 

  • Financial planning and yield optimisation

  • Ergonomics, building automation and technology 

  • Property management 

  • Buy-to-rent or buy-for-tourism property plays

  • Renovation and management of historic buildings or cultural assets

  • Property Tech (prop tech) investments

We have worked across a range of segments, including commercial property, residential property, hotels, malls, office building, student housing and renovation of cultural assets. 

Please view a sample of information below, and contact us for additional information. 

The Yellow House Investment Advisory

Client Confidential, 2021

Romania Herastrau Student Housing Property Analysis

Client Confidential, 2013

Florida Real Estate Market Due Diligence & Investment Promotion

Client Confidential, 2011

Greece Porto Syros Development Project

Client Confidential, 2011

Belarus Real Estate Investment Due Diligence

International Construction Firm, 2008

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