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GR1T Motorcycles

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GR1T Motorcycles is a German startup that has created an all-electric, lightweight motorcycle with a best-in-class performance. Designed and produced in Germany, GR1T provides an innovative solution for off-road riding, city transport, fleet requirements and later on utility vehicles. 

  • The off-road Pioneer Pro, which is a 60 kg lightweight all-electric motorcycle with a 70 km range, 100 km/hr speed, a 2.2 kWh removable, rechargeable battery, and a 160 kg payload. The Pioneer Pro is outfitted with top-of-the-line components and is intended for off-roading activities that feature high sustainability.

  • The urban Pioneer Street, which is is a 70 kg lightweight all-electric motorcycle with a 70 km range, 100 km/hr speed, and 160 kg payload. The battery is 45 Ah x 45 V delivering 2.2 kWh and takes 2.5 hrs for a full recharge. The battery can be removed and recharged at home, adding to the security of the motorcycle if it is parked on the street. The Pioneer Street has a 160 kg payload.


The motorcycles are designed and produced in Bavaria, Germany using high quality motorcycle components. Sales will start online on the GR1T website, which will be launched soon.


With the European Union committing to a Net Zero carbon emission future by 2050, and with a ban on internal combustion engines by 2035, the GR1T family of motorcycles is well-positioned to support the global shift towards sustainable urban transport.


In addition to the Pioneer, GR1T will be launching a dedicated city motorcycle as well as a utility motorcycle in next 3 years.

GR1T Motorcycles Pioneer Pro.png

The GR1T Pioneer Pro

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