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Porto Syros Tourism Development Project Greece

Porto Syros Tourism Development Project Greece

Navigator Consulting developed a feasibility study for the development of an 800,000 sq.m. plot of seafront land in Syros Island, Greece. This innovative project was designed to develop the most environmentally and culturally integrated hotel and tourism project in Greece.

Navigator developed a site master plan and investment study for the development of an 800,000 sq.m. plot of seafront land in Syros Island, Greece. The land plot includes 2,500 sq.m. of shoreline and 2 sandy beaches.


This project is based on integrated and sustainable development and management, and will result in the creation of the first exclusive, upscale tourism destination in the Cycladic Islands. The total investment value is provisionally set at EUR 465 million.


Our services include:

  • Definition and design of an investment concept: Porto Syros. This comprises an integrated development based on 700 land plots for villa development, a boutique seafront hotel, a tourist village (comprising 4 restaurants, an art gallery and specialised food and goods retail), a marina and a fitness centre.

  • Development of a hybrid income model, based on land and property sales, tourism, retail and managed rental and maintenance services to villa owners

  • Development of a detailed financial model, including income generators at different stages and scenarios of development (e.g. land sale; property development; tourism operation; retail operation)

  • Modelling of sustainable development practice for the Porto Syros concept. This includes the integration of energy-saving building materials and methods into the property design, as well as inclusion of small-scale renewable energy (photovoltaic) technologies. It includes collection and use of grey water for landscaping; collection of biodegradable and recyclable materials using separate collection methods; advance waste treatment methods on site; and integration of traditional landscaping and architecture.

  • Promotion of the investment concept to banks, equity funds, and individual investors

  • Project management for project implementation.


Date of Engagement:
June 2011 - 2015

Countries of Operation:

Business Function:
Investment Advisory Services, Marketing

Business Sector:

Property Development



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