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Online Growth Strategies for Small Enterprises & Start-ups

Navigator Consulting designed and implemented a blended learning programme entitled Online Growth Strategies for Small Enterprises and Start-ups in Cyprus.

In September 2018, Navigator Consulting completed a blended learning programme entitled Online Growth Strategies for Small Enterprises and Start-ups in CyprusThe training was held in Nicosia, Cyprus and was attended by 14 small enterprises.

One of the most frequent challenges small enterprises and start-ups encounter is expressing their online growth plans to internal shareholders and external investors. Without a dynamic financial and operating model that clearly models growth assumptions and results, company founders and managers find themselves unable to clearly express their growth potential and enterprise valuation.

To address this problem, Navigator Consulting developed a strategic training programme introducing five business modelling strategies for online growth. These include:

  • Organic Growth Strategies (content and inbound marketing-driven using own cash flow and operations)

  • Sponsored Growth Strategies (Advertising-driven growth)

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Venture Capital-driven growth

  • Online growth using other capital means (IPOs, ICOs, Debt)

The Online Growth Strategies  training content included methods for:

  • Setting a growth strategy

  • Dynamic financial and operations modelling using MS Excel

  • Developing a 5-year customer acquisitions and revenue plan

  • Developing a 5-year product/service development plan

  • Developing a 5-year profit-loss model and plan together with the key indicators needed to attract funding or finance

  • Review of key technology and policy issues that will affect future growth in Cyprus and the EU

Training topics covered included:

  • Determining growth strategies and impact on valuation

  • Setting up a dynamic financial model: assumptions, workings, capital expenditure, profit/loss, debt scenarios, key financial indicators, valuation examples

  • Product Launch; Pivoting; Scaling; the Valley of Death

  • Seed Capital and future funding rounds

  • Identifying likely Mergers & Acquisition targets or strategic investor

  • Brief methods of company valuation: IRR, EBITDA multiples, free cash flow, market observation

  • Understanding how to gain synergies from operations: post-merger restructuring

  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google

  • Online Advertising using Google Adwords and Facebook Adverts

  • Setting up online advertisingand display advertising campaigns

  • Choosing between PPC and PPM pricing methods

  • Creating custom audiences and mirror / lookalike audience

  • Retargetting and best practise for avoiding retargeting fatigue

  • A/B testing and analytics

  • Content marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Generating eMail Newsletters and eMail Marketing Tactics

The course was specifically designed for innovative firms, small enterprises, and start-ups and was attended by a cross-section of Cypriot companies, including:

  • Travel and tourism firms

  • Accounting and audit firms

  • Legal firms

  • Importers and distributors

  • Retailers

  • Property development firms

  • Consultancies

  • Software developers


This training builds on 25 years of experience gained in modelling and analysing businesses, enterprise valuation, start-up fundraising and due diligence.


If you are interested in commissioning a training programme or consultancy support for your company start-up, please contact us.

Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Date of Engagement:
September 2018

Countries of Operation:

Business Function:
Digital Transformation

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