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Developing Business Cluster Management in Poland and Lithuania

Navigator Consulting participated in an international development project entitled “Strengthening Business Performance Management in Economic Networks”. Under this project, we provided training and development services to a group of 4 business clusters in Lithuania and 8 in Poland.

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Navigator Consulting participated in an international development project entitled “Strengthening Business Performance Management in Economic Networks”

This project was co-funded by the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci programme under contract No. 2011-1-PL1-LEO05-19900. The project duration was from 01/02/2012 to 31/01/2014

The project aimed to transfer innovative methods of business performance management in economic networks as well as contribute to social and economic cohesion by increasing managerial skills of managers and facilitators in clusters and clusters initiatives in Poland and Lithuania through delivering them special training and equipping them with required analytical tools.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to assess the actual competence of the selected trainers in business performance management;

  • to train 20 trainers on managing and animation the business networks;

  • to develop business performance management plans and one managerial "tool kit";

  • to develop the textbook and an article on business performance management in European networks.

The target group includes managers and facilitators dealing with business performance management in economic networks, including science parks, professional networks, business clusters and business incubators.

Navigator’s role within the project is to transfer experience from the UK and other countries by delivering action learning modules and strategic development to each cluster in Poland and Lithuania. The training comprises of five action-learning modules: Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Internationalisation and Membership Services.

Each module is supplemented by the Business Performance Management Plan developed by each cluster for their specific area of operations that will turn in a complete Cluster Strategic Plan by the end of the training. In the period of trainings and development of plans, Navigator Consulting provides long-distance coaching, mentoring and support to each cluster as well as is responsible for Pilot Testing comprising testing each functional plan through actual cluster operations.

The clusters participating in the project include:


  • eVerslo Klasteris is an IT-based cluster specialising in wireless, RFID and online payment system technologies

  • the Innovation and Business Centre of Kaunas University of Technology, which includes the Start-up Centre (a business incubator), the Technology Transfer Unit and the IP Unit

  • the AgroSmart cluster, a group of IT firms focussing on agricultural productivity applications

  • a newly formed cluster for industrial design and development.



  • The Wielkopolski Cluster of Renewable Energy ( is a platform for cooperation in the renewable energy industry, enabling effective combination and use of the potential of enterprises, scientific, research and financial institutions, business environment institutions and local as well as regional authorities in Wielkopolska. The members include the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Importers, Wielkopolska Energy Management Agency Ltd., the Poznan University of Technology and others.

  • The Wielkopolski Cluster of Furniture Design ( comprises a group of enterprises in furniture, fittings and interior design. This Cluster promotes research and development, export development and internationalisation and networking. It has managed an innovative project for modular furniture development which is currently being patented. The Cluster‘s members include Axxion Industries Polska, PPHU Arkos, Meble Elmar-Jerczyńscy Sp.j. and other.


  • The Wielkopolskie Clusters Centre ( provides a platform for closer cooperation of clusters. The Centre promotes networking, training and development, joint procurement initiatives and other projects which improve the environment for social and economic development of clusters. The members of the Cluster include: Idea! Management Consulting Poznan, the Logistics Institute, SynergIT Cluster, the Poznan University of Economics and others.

  • The Wielkopolski Informatic Cluster ( This is the leading ICT cluster in Poland based on NGPexcellence Benchmarking by VDI/VDE. In 2011, the Cluster was awarded the European Cluster Excellence Initiative Bronze Label award excellence in cluster management. The Wielkopolska IT Cluster provides a range of services, including research and development, training, new standards development, recruitment and networking. It promotes innovation and start-ups via cooperation between its members. The members of the cluster include: Alma SA, Emtel Systems, RS Adware, Talex SA and other.

  • The “Leszno Taste” Cluster ( was created by the Leszno Business Centre and the Municipality of Leszno. Its objectives are to develop the regional brand of Leszno food products in Poland and internationally. Clusters members include: Jan Korbik, the Business Centre of Leszno and other.

  • Cloudcube ( Cloudcube is an IT business cluster in Poznan, Poland. In addition to information technology development and incubation projects, Cloudcube also provides serviced office space and meeting rooms for companies.

  • The Poznan Education Cluster ( is managed by the  Polish Centre for Continuing Education and Practical Training ( The Cluster provides education, vocational training, apprenticeships and continuing educational opportunities. This is an innovative cluster for closer cooperation between employers and vocational education providers, and has developed a practical training centre for electronics, mechatronics, renewable energy and other function which is used by employers and educational institutions. Cluster members include the Poznańskie Centrum Edukacji Ustawicznej i Praktycznej, Celtech, C&K Systems, Job Impulse Polska SP.z.o.o., Manpowe Polska, Polychem Systems, and others.

  • Cluster of Poligraphy and Advertising ( This cluster comprises printing and advertising firms in Leszno, covering a wider geographic region. The cluster develops vocational training and higher standards in printing and package design and promotes research and development contracts between its members and research centres. It provides an active networking and cooperation framework for its members, who include Akryler S.C., Aris Opakowania, Reklama Graff, P.P.H.U. Inter-Paco, Manus Biuro Handlowe and others.

This project was implemented in conjunction with the Partnership for Local Government, the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Human Capital Research and Development Institute of Lithuania.


The project was co-funded by the EU’s Leonardo da Vinci programme.

Partners for Local Government

Date of Engagement:
February 2012 - January 2014

Countries of Operation:
Poland, Lithuania, United Kingdom

Business Function:
Business Incubation, Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Digital Transformation, Marketing

Business Sector:

Management Training, Vocational Education & Training, Information & Communications Technologies, Food Processing

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