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Bridge Over Water

Vision - Corporate Evolution

We are building a professional services company that covers multiple business areas and is based on performance and results.  


At the heart of our operations is management consultancy. Our consultancy operations are based on a belief in a scientific approach to investigating issues, providing a diagnosis and thesis, and then working towards better corporate performance outcomes. Our consultancy is based on real expertise that falls in three key categories: 


  • Geographic markets and their influence on business operations; 

  • Business sectors, and the need to compete in that sector; 

  • Business functions, and the need to improve business performance. 


As the digital economy expands and become prevalent to human society and business operations, our digital transformation consultancy services become increasingly important. Our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and preparation then need to survive and excel in the digital immersive world that is unfolding. Our aspiration is to develop a full-stack web development and marketing agency, covering everything from advanced web design to managing digital advertising and media campaigns. 


Our exposure to changing business and digital conditions means that we are in a position to understand and anticipate future trends. This means that our business incubation service allows us to launch spin-offs and support start-ups. This is important both as a business objective, but also to challenge ourselves to become better managers, driven by results, not management theory. Our business incubation has already led to several successes, notably:



We will consolidate and grow these and other spin-offs in the future. 


Our understanding of business management leads us to develop fiduciary services. These include managing companies in Cyprus, and possibly additional jurisdictions. Corporate management includes registration, management, accounting, and substance solutions, which we can also accompany with tangible services such as web design or market research. 


As we progress and improve, we will be spending more time on management development and education. This includes launching an online training centre, both to accompany our existing training activities, but also a business field in its own right. 


Our priority is to grow and expand, providing excellence in professional services, and continually evolving and improving. We are building on a long-term basis and are expanding and operating strategically. 


We are a performance-based organization: we are accountable for our actions, recommendations, methodologies and approaches. 


We welcome and develop talent. There are no glass ceilings at Navigator, only performance-based results. Any consultant that joins the company and can demonstrate sustained performance over time becomes a co-owner of the company. 


Talent is combined with ethics. We treat our consultants, staff, and partners as we would our family. We work fairly and respecting laws and traditions of good business practice.

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