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EIT DeepTech Talent Initiative Pledge Development

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European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Date of Engagement:
June 2022 - February 2023

Countries of Operation:
Hungary, Belgium, Cyprus

Business Function:
Digital Transformation, DeepTech, Education and Training
Business Sector:


On behalf of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), Navigator Consulting supported the development of the DeepTech Talent Initiative, a flagship project of the European New Innovation Agenda to upskill 1,000,000 talents in deeptech between 2023 and 2025. 


Following the Web 1.0 and 2.0 technological cycles, we are now at the stage of DeepTech development and discovery. DeepTech is a term given to emerging and transformative technologies that typically combine multiple technological functions and require extensive research and development prior to commercialization. 


​DeepTech includes technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, internet of things, sensoring and data fusion, quantum computing, edge computing, cloud services, biotechnology, robotics, virtual reality and more. Please view a more detailed description of DeepTech here:


The European Commission has recognised the importance of DeepTech for the future competitiveness and growth of the European Union. In 2022, the New European Innovation Agenda was ratified, which includes the following objective: 


The New European Innovation Agenda is designed to position Europe as a leading player on the global innovation scene. Europe wants to be the place where the best talent work hand in hand with the best companies and where deep tech innovation thrives and creates breakthrough innovative solutions across the continent that will inspire the world.


One of the flagship initiatives of the Innovation Agenda is the Deep Tech Talent Initiative: a commitment to upskill and reskill 1 million talents in DeepTech between 2023 and 2025. 


This commitment was taken over by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, the EIT is the European Union’s leading agency for innovative technologies. It has developed an ecosystem of 9 Knowledge and Innovation Communities which today include over 4,000 members, ranging from leading universities and research institutions to start-ups and major corporates. 


Philip Ammerman was recruited by the EIT in the summer of 2022 to develop the Deep Tech Talent Initiative Pledge as well as other aspects of the wider flagship. Working with a wide range of EIT, EIT-Manufacturing, and other Commission staff, as well as other consultants, Philip contributed to the following aspects of the project: 


  • Definition of the DeepTech Talent Initiative Pledge text; 

  • Definition of the data gathering requirements for organisational registration, course registration, talent registration and employment offers listings; 

  • Developing financial scenarios for the Flagship; 

  • Defining the training criteria for courses hosted by the Initiative; 

  • Outlining the DTTI website structure and functionality as a central aspect of Pledge operations; 

  • Drafting the Deep Tech definitions document, which is one of the first attempts to define the technologies within the wider DeepTech technology concept. 


The DeepTech Talent Initiative was formally announced at the EIT Innoveit Summit in Brussels in October 2022, and officially opened in January 2023. To date (January 2024), some 111 members have pledged to train 768,004 individuals, while 84 courses have been reviewed and uploaded into the DTTI website. 


As a consultancy active in technology and innovation, we believe that the European Union is following the correct strategy in providing flagship initiatives that can unify the efforts of various governments, institutions, universities, companies and startups within Europe. The rate of technological change is advancing extremely rapidly, and the need to coordinate policy among 27 Member States and several accession countries is an urgent priority, especially given the advances made by the United States and China. 


For further information on our DeepTech consulting services and other experience, please contact us. 

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