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Navigator Consulting launches Gender Equality Plan

Navigator Consulting Gender Equality Plan

We believe that any consultancy operating in society must be representative in terms of the consultants that manage and operate it. Without an adequate balance of life experience and individual backgrounds, it is difficult or impossible for a consultancy to offer qualified advice today.


We must understand and solve socio-economic, business and technological challenges through the viewpoint of gender equality and other diversity impacts. If we do not, we risk providing a distorted framing of challenges to be solved, and equally distorted solutions.


As a result, we have drafted our first Gender Equality Plan (GEP). This is a first attempt and was developed by Aina Judyte and Philip Ammerman.


This Gender Equality Plan reflects our commitment to equal opportunity for both women and men within our firm. It is based on the standards for gender equality established by the European Commission, and set out by the European Institute for Gender Equality.


We would welcome feedback and recommendations from experts, clients, friends and other counterparties. Thank you!



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