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Meet us at the Cyprus Diaspora Forum in Limassol on 6-9 March 2024.

Navigator Consulting will be participating in the Cyprus Diaspora Forum in Limassol, Cyprus on 6-9 March 2024.


The Cyprus Diaspora Forum, established by Paul Lambis, is a four-day event designed to unite Cypriot diaspora communities, influential individuals from public and private sectors, media and academia.


The primary objective is to acknowledge and boost the significance of Cyprus diaspora, fostering stronger relations through avenues such as entrepreneurship, innovation, philanthropy, and cultural and social engagement.


The annual gathering honours and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of Cypriot Diasporans. The Cyprus Diaspora Forum is proud to host 150 astounding speakers, covering 16 sectors. The topics will overlook Cyprus economic and touristic growth, financial landscape, international relations, shipping and real estate industry, hospitality and tourism, media, health and wellness, culture and arts, education, social conscience and many more.


The Cyprus Diaspora Forum has attracted the attention of more than 200 investors, foreign investors and High-Net-Worth Individuals, interested in unique investment opportunities.

The event provides a networking opportunity for local and international communities as well as partnership opportunities, exhibitions and valuable discussions.


The event concludes with the CYDIA Awards 2024, an annual celebration honouring Cypriots of the diaspora in sixteen categories.

Further information is available on the Forum’s website:


We look forward to meeting you there. For further information, please contact us prior to the event, or on LinkedIn.

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