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Jan Brabec completes his 7th Dakar Rally


The Dakar Rally is one of the most extreme automotive and motorcycle racing environments in the world. The 2024 Dakar took place in Saudi Arabia from 5-19 January 2024 and featured a total route of 7,513 kilometers.


Jan Brabec is GR1T Motorcycle’s brand ambassador and test pilot. He is also a full-time motorcycle racer who completed his 7th Dakar Rally with Stojrent Racing on a KTM Motorcycle while battling illness along with the normal fatigue and mechanical challenges.


While the Dakar does not yet include an electric motorcycle version, Mission 1000 includes plans for three different technological alternatives for racing: fully electric, fully hydrogen-powered, and hybrid technology. With soaring temperatures, difficult conditions and a lot of dust, the fully electric version of Dakar will be something to behold.


GR1T Motorcycles summarized Jan Brabec’s amazing journey in the 2024 Dakar in a news post, which we link to here:


Navigator Consulting is an investor in and supporter of GR1T Motorcycles, an all-electric motorcycle manufacturer based in Munich, Germany. We could not be prouder of GR1T and of Jan’s performance. We take this opportunity to share some of the amazing photos of the race.


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