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The tourism and travel sector is evolving constantly, driven by ​factors including: 

  • New travel product and destination development;

  • Digital marketing and the role of tourism influencers, online travel agencies and others;

  • New hotel and resort investments and renovations; 

  • Generational changes in the tourism sector, in particular in hotels; 

  • New airlines and routes, particularly by low cost airlines; 

  • Geopolitical risk, including terrorism, currency movements, COVID and more. 

The prevalent trend is that of competition, and competitiveness: tourism investors and operators must invest each year to manage and improve their competitive standing. A specific type of investment should also focus on the cyclical downturns and volatile that are a defining aspect of tourism. 


We support investors and operators in the tourism and travel sector investment in performance improvement. 


Our tourism & travel consultancy services include:


  • Tourism Strategic Performance Audit. This including positioning, customers, occupancy, finance and yield analysis, pricing, staff productivity, innovation and digital capabilities. This audit can be implemented rapidly and partially remotely, although a site visit is considered essential. The audit is customised depending on the tourism product: resort or city hotel; airline; cruise line; restaurant; travel agency; amusement park, etc. The results of the audit provide a baseline performance analysis on which strategic improvements can be discussed.

  • Tourism Strategy Definition. We support our clients in developing a multi-year tourism product strategies that includes clear operating and financial improvements and guidelines. This is based on decision-tree analysis and dynamic modelling. Key elements of the strategy include positioning, quality, product development, service innovation, yield analysis, profitability, ADR/occupancy/RevPAR/other metrics, and more. Each element of the strategy is captured by a dynamic model that provides KPI reporting such as ADR, occupancy, EBITDA, profit, valuation and other metrics. 

  • Tourism Product & Services Development & Innovation: We work with investors to develop coherent and value-adding tourism product development, positioning / repositioning, and service innovation. Our work is defined by digital innovation and trends as well as competitor development. 

  • Tourism Operations Performance Improvement: We develop metrics and management systems to improve performance. This ranges across all key business processes and departments of a hotel, cruise ship, travel agency or other tourism operations. It includes staff training and development; staff productivity; customer satisfaction; financial operations; rankings and evaluations; digital marketing and more. 

Please view an example of our experience below, and contact us for further information and a discussion of your tourism and travel consulting requirements. 


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Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2010

Russia: Tourism Training College Strategic Review

International Tourism Academy, 2003

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Association of Cyprus Travel Agents, 2001

Leonardo da Vinci: Cultural Heritage Tourism Network (CHTN)

Consortium, 1998

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