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Effective Web Design and Online Marketing in the Cyprus Tourism Sector

Navigator designed and delivered an innovative training and consultancy programme on effective web design and online promotion in the tourism sector. This sectoral training focusses on best practise for online marketing and web 2.0 applications for the international hotel and travel sector.

Design and delivery of a blended learning programme on web design and online marketing in the Cyprus tourism sector. This is a customised training programme targeting owners and managers of tourism enterprises, which includes a 2-day classroom training programme followed by full-day consultancy visits in the participating companies.

The programme was attended by 6 hotels, one wedding planning company, and one scuba diving company, and covered the following subjects with particular emphasis on hotel operations:

  • Profitability and customer reservations analysis, splitting between direct bookings, travel agents/tour operators, online booking sites and other channels;

  • Designing dynamic websites which combine search engine effectiveness, attractive graphic design, and customer capture;

  • Understanding the basic elements used by Google to rank search engine results, including key word analysis, frequency and density;

  • Linking strategies, both within the website, but also to external partners. This includes directory listings, public relations, blogging and related techniques;

  • Benchmarking websites in terms of html source code analysis, links, keywords and other methods;

  • Developing pay-per-click and branded advertising campaigns using Google Adwords and Facebook;

  • Developing a successful social media strategy focussing on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as Google Feedburner;

  • Website statistics analysis using Google Analytics;

  • Working with external web designers;

  • Developing online promotion campaigns and measuring the return-on-investment (ROI).

Participants included the Anemi Hotel, Helios Bay Hotel, Aliathon Village, Akti Beach, Kefalos Hotel, Mayfair Hotel, Cyprus Dream Weddings, and Cydive.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Date of Engagement:
December 2010 - January 2011

Countries of Operation:

Business Function:
Human Resources

Business Sector:


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