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Epidavros Hotel Feasibility Study, Greece

Navigator is developing an innovative project for a 1,200,000 m2 beachfront property adjaceant to old Epidavros, Greece.

The project concept includes the development of a holiday village / retirement village concept for full- and part-time residents, with on-site medical assistance, animation/concierge and technology services.


The project includes:

  • Definition and design of an investment concept: Epidavros Estates. This comprises an integrated development based on an amphitheatric property development featuring single-floor and duplex units suited for third-age and family tourism and long-term residency. The development includes an on site medical clinic, dietician, physical fitness instructors, animators and other services designed for older European tourists / residents and their families. Additional infrastructure includes a fitness centre with an indoor and outdoor heated seawater pool for thalassotherapy and spa treatments, restaurants, an art gallery and specialised food and goods retail), and a fitness centre.

  • Development of a hybrid income model, based on short-term and long-term rentals and time sharing.

  • Development of a detailed financial model, including income generators at different stages and scenarios of development: room nights, catering, and services (excursions, treatments, etc).

  • Modelling of sustainable development practice for the concept. This includes the integration of energy-saving building materials and methods into the property design, as well as inclusion of small-scale renewable energy (photovoltaic) technologies. It includes collection and use of grey water for landscaping; collection of biodegradable and recyclable materials using separate collection methods; advance waste treatment methods on site; and integration of traditional landscaping and architecture.

  • Promotion of the investment concept to banks, equity funds, and individual investors.

  • Project management for project implementation.


This project is in the pre-feasibility stage and depends on receiving regulatory permission for site development, expected in October 2012.

Client Confidential

Date of Engagement:
March 2011 - present

Countries of Operation:

Business Function:
Investment Advisory Services

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