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Sir Christopher Pissarides to speak at the BestInvest Cyprus Conference

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Sir Christopher Pissarides has confirmed his attendance at the BestInvest Cyprus Conference, which will take place in Limassol from 18-20 October 2015. His presentation will be on the economic recovery of Cyprus.

Sir Christopher Pissarides is the Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE). He also holds the positions of Professor of European Studies at the University of Cyprus and Chairman of the Council of National Economy of the Republic of Cyprus, and the Helmut & Anna Pao Sohmen Professor-at-Large of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

He was educated at the University of Essex and the London School of Economics (LSE), and he spent the bulk of his career at LSE. He has also taught at Harvard, Princeton and Berkeley.

Sir Christopher specialises in the economics of labour markets, macroeconomic policy, economic growth and structural change. Pissarides is mostly known for his contributions to the search and matching theory for studying the interactions between the labour market and the macro economy. He helped develop the concept of the matching function (explaining the flows from unemployment to employment at a given moment of time), and pioneered the empirical work on its estimation.

In 2010, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics, jointly with Peter A. Diamond and Dale Mortensen, for his contributions to the theory of search frictions and macroeconomics.

Prior to that, in 2005, he became the first European economist to win the IZA Prize in Labour Economics. He is frequently quoted in the press on issues concerning the Eurozone and the future of European integration.

He is an elected Fellow of the British Academy, the Academy of Athens, the Academia Europaea and several other learned societies, and he is a Lifetime Honorary Member of the American Economic Association.

In 2011 he served as the President of the European Economic Association. In 2011 he received the Grand Cross of the Republic of Cyprus, the highest honour of the Republic. He was knighted in 2013.

The BestInvest Cyprus conference is being co-organised by Navigator Consulting Group. For further information, please contact us. A conference website will be available soon.

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