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Navigator selected to support growth of Greek companies

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Navigator Consulting has been selected by an International Financial Institution to provide growth and competitiveness support for Greek enterprises.

The objective is to provide consultancy support through senior international advisors for projects lasting between 12-18 months. Project activities include:

  1. Analysing and improving profitability and product portfolios

  2. Developing and implementing a growth and profitability strategy

  3. Entering and expanding in international markets

  4. Working effectively with retail chains and other customers

  5. Production and business process re-engineering

  6. Online marketing and other marketing support.

Under this project, we will be implementing 8 projects in 2018-2019, for companies that:

  1. Are SMEs according to the EU definition. Turnover up to € 50 million; balance sheet values up to € 43 million; up to 250 employees;

  2. Are financially viable and operate transparently;

  3. Are committed to a process of strategic development, business performance improvement, internationalisation and growth.

We are initially targeting agri-food sectors, but will also be working with manufacturing companies, business services, ICT and tourism enterprises in Greece.

The projects are co-funded by our client to between 87-88% of the total project budget.

Philip Ammerman will be acting as Team Coordinator for this project. For further information, please contact us.

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