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Navigator invests in E-Novation

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Navigator has invested in 50% of the equity of e-Novation, a Belgian start-up specialising in online applications for the tourism and event industry.

Our first product is Eye-Path, an iPad app for destination guides and games such as treasure hunts and team building activities. By using state-of-the-art mapping, geolocation and GPS technology, Eye-Path transforms the experience of visiting a city or other destination.

Eye-Path for Teams

Eye-path for Teams is an interactive game and guide to a city or destination. Eye-path is hosted on an Apple iPad. Participants or teams are guided to specific waypoints such as museums, attractions, and cultural attractions. At each waypoint, interactive information is provided, such as questions and challenges.

Teams which answer correctly are awarded points and guided to the next waypoint. The team with the highest score is the winner.

Eye-path is great for teambuilding as it ticks all the right boxes for this type of activity: consultation, decision-making, leadership, creativity, troubleshooting, communication, objectives, planning, trust, … All of these components can be managed in the game according to your specific needs.

Eye-path has a very low threshold and can be played by everyone. Some of the challenges are physical, whereas others require you to think. All of the participants within a team can join in and be set up according to their abilities.

Eye-path is fun and educational at the same time. You get to know fun facts and visit must-see places in a short amount of time.

Eye-Path for Destinations

Eye-Path is a “white label” application that enables you to build your own, exclusive destination guide.

You can cross-list content from Wikipedia and other open sources, creating a unique, dynamic platform for your guests. You can also list restaurants, shops, tourist attractions and other third-party service providers, and collect referral or advertising fees.

The platform is simple enough that it can be run by your company, or it can be managed for you by E-novation using your content and instructions.

Using Eye-Path gives you a customisable, easy-to-use, updated destination guide. There is no need to rely on third party sites like TripAdvisor or travel guides. All the information is at your fingertips.

For further information, please contact Pambos Solomonides on

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