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Navigator completes Digital Transformation training at Limassol-Amathus Sewerage Board

The Sewerage Board of Limassol Amathus (SBLA) is a regional authority that handles sewerage and storm water management for the greater region of Limassol. This includes a population of over 170,000 spread across 12 municipal organizations and community boards.

SBLA addresses critical issues. On the one hand, the SBLA is charged with maintaining public hygiene, including clean subsoil and clean seas, in a rapidly-growing ecosystem of municipalities. On the other hand, the SBLA must address issues of climate change, and everything this means in terms of storm water drain management, flood protection and management and coastal zone management.

The Board has over € 60 million in infrastructure projects currently underway, with another € 60 million under planning as Limassol expands.

In order to address current organizational efficiency and future requirements, SBLA is embarking on an important campaign to improve its information and communications technology (ICT) system, with a view towards the digital transformation of the organization.

Navigator Consulting implemented a Digital Transformation Strategy training and consultancy for the SBLA, which included:

  • Rapid review of current ICT systems, ERP, databases and infrastructure;

  • Rapid review of business processes and workflow;

  • Evaluation of digital transformation strategy and initiatives;

  • Detailed assessment of digital marketing; customer portal development; and other initiatives;

  • Detailed review of project and team management, digital signatures and authorisations and similar initiatives.

The project confirmed the importance of the strategic alignment of digital transformation with wider organizational development and workflow processes. Unless these can be optimized together, the efficiency of the overall digital transformation process will be compromised.

For further information on our digital strategy initiatives, please contact us.

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Maksym Perepelica
Maksym Perepelica
Nov 29, 2021

Nice project, congrats!

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