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Navigator begins technology and strategy audit of global online exhibition provider

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Our client was founded to provide a superior virtual experience for exhibitions and trade fair. They have developed a virtual environment for trade fairs and exhibitions, and has been instrumental in supporting the online areas of Shanghai Expo, the New York Franchise Exhibition, the EuroMed Trade Partnership and other events.

Navigator has been commissioned to implement a comprehensive strategic and technological review, including:

1. Strategic and Operational Planning

1.1    Corporate Strategy

1.2    Corporate Resources

1.3    Go-to-Market Plan

1.4    Financial Plan

2. Technology and Platform

2.1   Registration Process

2.2   Front-End User Experience

2.3   Content Management System

2.4   On-Board Interaction

2.5   Customer Support & Technical Assistance

2.6   Firewall and Search Engine Optimisation

2.7   Platform Optimisation

2.8   Domain Optimisation

2.9   Platform Management

3.   Platform Applications

3.1  Exhibition Events

3.2  Global Catalogue Offer

3.3  Presentation Options

3.4  Search Options

3.5  Onboard Messaging

3.6  Social Media-like Functions

3.7  Platform Extensions

3.8  News and News Feed

3.9  Onboard Advertising Platform

3.10  Other Sales Platforms

4.    Marketing and Customers

4.1    Customer Segment Identification

4.2    Customer Segment Applications

4.3    Commercial Operations Structure

4.4    Representation Structure

4.5    Price Structure

4.6    End User Promotion

4.7    Enterprise Promotion

4.8   Trade Partner Promotion

4.9    Government Promotion

4.10  Other Partner Promotion

4.11  Prioritisation and ROI

4.12  Marketing Team and Budgets

5.  Exit Strategies and Valuation

5.1    Pre-Revenue / GTM Status

5.2    Market Launch Options

5.3    Five Year  Forecast

5.4    Valuation and Exit

6.  Terms of Use

Our work will be implemented in March 2015 and is one of a range of business services offered to start-ups and tech firms.

For additional information please contact Philip Ammerman.

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