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Navigator begins flexible plastic packaging market survey

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Navigator Consulting Ltd. (UK) was selected by Ukrplastic, one of the top 20 European flexible plastic packaging manufacturers, to implement a broad analysis of its market positioning, brand strength and product - service quality. The project includes 209 primary interviews with customers, competitors, public authorities, and suppliers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, France, Romania and Latvia.

Ukrplastic is one of the largest flexible plastic packaging producers in the former Soviet Union, and the most modern one. It supplies packaging solutions to dairy, confectionery, coffee/tea, snacks and other consumer segments, with a combined annual production capacity of over 25,000 tonnes of polyethylene film per year.

Ukrplastic provides a full cycle of flexible polymer packaging materials from granules and paints to finished roll materials and packs. It has patented a range of innovative materials, including:

  • TWISPAN ® twist films

  • BIPAN ® BOPP films and BOPP films with CS

  • SOLAN ® Laminates without aluminium foil including: laminates with CS, laminates with peel/ sealable layer for easy open, and laminates with barrier films

  • ALPAN ® Laminates with aluminium foil including laminates with laser notching, laminates with peel/ sealable layer for easy open and retortable laminates

  • VIPAN ®  Blown coextruded 5-, 9- or 11- layer films including PE based films for lamination, barrier films with EVOH and/or PA barrier layers, films with peel/sealable layer for easy opening

  • Readymade Pouches, including three-side-sealed pouches, stand up pouches and shaped pouches

  • Other packaging materials, including materials with gravure printing, flexo printing, laser notching for easy opening and selective lamination, and coextrusion lamination.

All production processes are fully certified according to Ukrainian, Russian and European safety standards. Ukrplastic is one of the few flexible packaging manufacturers certified according to four ISO standards:

  • ISO 9000 total quality management

  • ISO 14000 environmental management systems

  • ISO 18000 occupational health and safety

  • ISO 22000 food safety management

Ukrplastic provides a range of packaging solutions for tea, coffee, snacks, confectionary products, baked goods, dried foods, cereals, fresh and frozen foods, milk and dairy products, butter and fats, ice cream, medical and pharmaceutical products, detergents, hygienic products and other segments.

Ukrplastic’s products regularly win international quality awards: in 2013, it won awards in two categories at the Packaging Gravure Awards held by the European Rotogravure Association, in the Plastic Films and Laminates and Metallised Film and Laminates categories. It also won 4 awards at the Gravure Association of America, including the prestigious Best of the Best Award.

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