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Navigator begins financial analysis and investment promotion for a financial technology start-up

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In 2015, cross-border payments numbered $ 27 trillion, with the United States accounting for approximately $ 6 trillion of this. A key challenge for SMEs today is managing international transactions. Common problems include:

  • High fees to send and receive funds;

  • A significant time delay, from 3 – 7 working days;

  • High losses due to forex conversion costs.

Our client, a fintech start-up in New York, has developed a proprietary clearing platform and technology providing for rapid and secure international payments and funds transfers

Our responsibilities include:

  • Rapid due diligence on the technology concept

  • Evaluation of the business model

  • Suggestions for improving the competitive positioning

  • Developing 5-year dynamic financial forecasts, including customer acquisitions, churn and sales per customer models;

  • Developing online marketing budgets and detailed staff costs

  • Understanding compliance, due diligence and KYC requirements

  • Determining primary and secondary customer marketing tactics and key issues involved

  • Selecting and prioritizing geographic markets and pairing key US states such as California, New York, Massachussetts, Texas, Connecticut and New Jersey, with foreign markets such as Mexico, Canada, China, Germany, Brazil, Korea

  • Revision of the financial model, including developing a dynamic financial model

  • Corporate outreach to investments to gauge investor interest

  • Additional support for international marketing and promotion

This project is ongoing, and is one of a number of fintech startup support projects undertaken or underway.

For further information on how we can support your start-up, or evaluate an investment in a tech start-up, please contact us on:

Philip Ammerman

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