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Business Forecasting

Nearly every decision involves forecasts, which themselves not only contain a margin of error, but need to be continually updated to match changing events and developments.

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We correlate three core levels of decision-making to performance indicators and measures:

The interaction between forecasting and decision-making should be developed and systematised and closely and as accurately as possible. The link between decision-making (and makers, i.e. owners and managers) on the one hand and corporate performance on the other is often poorly understood. Through accurate forecasting and business modelling, it is possible for companies with basic analytical competencies to improve overall business forecasting and performance.

Navigator provides a range of business forecasting methods, including causal models and regression analysis; time series models and Box-Jenkins processes; and smoothing techniques and exponential modelling.

We develop complex models that can be linked to separate outputs from multi-year strategic planning, business or sales plans or scenario planning exercises. We also provide training and systems development in these areas.


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