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Lean Management

Lean management is a consistent methodology used to identify value creation within a wider sequence of activities.

It specifies how to set up and implement value-creating activities with the minimum waste, in the shortest time staff, and with the fewest errors. Implicit in lean thinking is the concept of continual improvement.

Our approach to lean thinking is rooted in the works of Taichi Ohno, Shingeo Shingo and other contributors to the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Over successive engagements, we have continually developed the lean approach to manufacturing, supply chain, retail/logistics and service organisations.

Among the core services offered include:

  • Value stream mapping and waste reduction at source;

  • Inventory reduction by procurement analysis and just in time (JIT);

  • Work standardisation, including definition of takt times for different processes and functions;

  • Equipment right sizing and Continuous Improvement (kaizen);

  • Creation of single piece flow by load teams, instead of batch processing;

  • Key performance indicators for inventory, procurement and delivery.

A specific service includes lean sales. This is a proprietary methodology for orientating sales and distribution organisations on the basis of lean thinking. This involves:

  • A detailed customer purchase and profitability analysis, including net profit per customer and purchasing behaviour (product mix, purchase frequency, order lead time, variability, etc.)

  • A detailed assessment of organisational capacity and sales operations, ranging from stock-picking to order-taking;

  • Development and testing of alternative sales and delivery methods and schedules.

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