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Strategic Analysis & Strategic Planning

We provide a full range of strategic analysis and strategic planning services. Strategic analysis comprises an integrated range of analytical, auditing and benchmarking services relating to the competitive position of a company or institution.

In implementing strategic analysis, we seek quantitative and qualitative understanding of a client’s current competitive position, expressed through external factors, such as customers and consumers, competitors and resources, and internal factors, such as pricing, financial resources, human resources and operations. Implicit in this analysis is the need for interview feedback from a wide range of internal and external partners, shareholders, customers, suppliers, managers and staff.

Since strategic environments are dynamic, we typically rely on composite models of past and present performance. Backward-looking data analysis is typically extended for a minimum of three years prior to the present year; forward-looking analysis and modeling is implemented using next year, 3-year and 5-year planning horizons, as well as scenario planning.

Navigator utilises a range of analytical tools and strategic models adapted to specific sectors and segments, including:

  • Balanced Scorecard analysis

  • Lean Management / Toyota Production System analysis

  • Porter Value Chain model analysis

  • Porter Competitive Forces model analysis

  • Customer Relationship Management analysis

  • Supply Chain Management analysis

  • Supplier / Customer Benchmarking

  • Economic Value Added analysis

  • Risk analysis

Strategic analysis is the precursor to strategic planning. Navigator’s inception is in the field of business and investment planning. This has given us a quantitative and financial basis for strategic planning. We seek to quantify the impact of strategic decisions, and model these using multi-year scenarios and business plans for future growth and development.

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