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Marketing Strategy

We support the development of corporate marketing strategy, based on a comprehensive assessment of internal and external competitive advantages in specific product and service markets.

We develop original market research using a mix of different sources:

  • Staff and customer interviews

  • Competitor benchmarking

  • Sectoral and segment modelling and forecasting

  • In-store retail analysis

  • Distribution channel analysis

  • Brand recognition and metrics analysis

  • Margin and pricing analysis

This is then combined with strategic positioning and analysis to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. Such work includes an interactive approach, including:

  • Market share analysis and simulation

  • Sales forecasting

  • Pricing sensitivities and market share forecasting

  • Entry barrier analysis

  • Positioning

  • Distribution channel analysis

  • Advertising and promotional planning and budgeting

  • Salesforce development and compensation analysis

  • Budgeting and ROI

  • Risk analysis

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