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Salesforce Development

Navigator supports the professionalisation and development of the marketing and sales function, moving from the instinctive, or experiential mode of sales, to one where this experience can be hosted within a wider set of strategic objectives and business processes.

This is particularly important in times of change, such as:

  • A rapid decline in sales performance due to changing economic and business conditions;

  • The expansion of a salesforce to cover new geographic areas and markets;

  • The merger of two or more sales organisations;

  • The acquisition of a salesforce by another company.

We offer an integrated salesforce development programme, which includes:

  • Diagnosis: a systematic approach towards organisational and HR needs analysis; customer & competitor analysis and sales profitability analysis.

  • Training: a series of action learning modules focussing on core marketing & sales functions, including market analysis, key account management, CRM, competitive advantage, forecasting, sales and order management, and others.

  • HR: a series of HR interventions designed to improve performance of the salesforce. These include compensation analysis and design of performance management system, succession planning, recruitment, competency systems for marketing and sales, etc.

  • Consultancy: hands-on consultancy support for improving marketing and sales business processes. This includes everything from customer negotiations, bidding, benchmarking, staff assessment, retail surveys, customer surveys, etc.

  • Monitoring: we develop effective monitoring systems to track marketing and sales performance across a range of critical metrics and indicators.

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