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Market Analysis

Navigator provides an extensive range of market analysis services, including:

In-Store Retail Audits

We implement retail audits on different channel categories, ranging from hyper and supermarkets, to small, neighbourhood stores and, in some countries, open markets and bazaars. These analyses are typically used to collect information on pricing, product availability, packaging dimensions, source of supply, or similar issues.

Retail audits require careful planning in order to receive an accurate response. We place great emphasis on the proper training and familiarisation of external researchers.

In-Store Customer Interviews

There are few sources of market intelligence more relevant that the customer in a retail environment, in the process of making  a purchase decision. We work with retailers and suppliers to set up balanced in-store customer interviews which provide real, actionable intelligence on decision-making factors.

Because we understand that many consumers may not have the sophistication to fully understand some terminology, we develop response forms using a mix of graphics, terms and scoring so that respondents can more readily understand what type of product is being investigated.

Customer Focus Groups

We plan and implement focus groups using representative samples of customers. Questions and analytical techniques are developed based on a level assessment of customer understanding and responsiveness, particularly in developing markets.

Individual Customer Interviews

In addition to group interviews, we provide individual customer interviews. Working with client staff, we select a list of representative respondents from different customer categories, and prepare an interview questionnaire as well as complementary investigative formats.

Online Research

We design, develop and implement online research programmes and questionnaires for customers and consumers. These typically run for a limited time, and are designed to collect mass market feedback for a specific campaign, market launch or other event.

Supplier/Competitor Benchmarking

We develop supplier or competitor benchmarking analyses based on questionnaires and response formats. These are typically applied to purchasing or marketing/sales managers across a range of customers or competitors, and enable in-depth analysis on a range of issues such as pricing, packaging, order lead time, fulfillment time, service quality, sales staff responsiveness, etc.

Sectoral Modelling and Analysis

We provide detailed analysis and modeling of specific sectors or segments. This includes a full-scale review of supply and demand, imports versus local production, exports, pricing, technical characteristics, supplier/competitir profiles, raw material availability, purchase terms in the market, etc.

This analysis is typically combined with dynamic modeling using MS Excel or other statistical package. This modeling, for instance of supply, demand and market share, provides a lasting tool for our clients, as it can be adapted for future use after the consultancy engagement has finished.

Competitor Intelligence & Monitoring

We provide in-depth competitor analysis in a variety of countries and sectors. We can also provide long-term marketing intelligence on specific competitors and/or suppliers. This includes sales and marketing analysis, new product launches, pricing, packaging, executive profiling, financial reports, etc.

Pricing Analysis

We provide in-depth analysis and monitoring of prices in a specific segment or market. This analysis typically covers price monitoring in specific sales channels, as well as cross-supplier price and margin analysis and forecasting.

Market Forecasting and Modelling

We provide a wide range of forecasting and modeling services. These are based on a mix of linear or regression analysis, and can be adapted to situations where market data is not available or suspect.

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