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Turn Around Management in Cyprus

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Navigator Consulting Group Ltd. delivered a training programme entitled Profit Optimisation and Turn-Around Management at the Cyprus Nicosia Hilton Park hotel on June 1-2, 2011. The event was organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The training programme covered methods and tools for diagnosing current profitability from customer sales and operations, improving control over pricing, and developing plans for operations restructuring and higher productivity.

This subject has become of particular relevance in Cyprus. Liquidity is becoming more expensive, as Cypriot banks are lending at average rates of Euribor + 4%. Most companies are over-leveraged, and face an average of 90 days credit term with between 30-40% of their total turnover in accounts receivable. Consumer spending has fallen, as Cyprus has been affected by declining tourism and shipping revenue, and a stagnant property sector.

In this environment, it is vital that companies take active steps to manage overall debt load, cut costs, raise productivity and improve control over pricing. Navigator has a range of methodologies and tools available for this, which were presented during the training and during the subsequent company visits.

The corporate participants included:

  • AMS Box-Making Factory Ltd.

  • Cosmoship Forwarding & Logistics Ltd.

  • Dinos Kridiotis & Son Ltd.

  • Fava Auto Techniques Ltd.

  • GJK Health Pharma Ltd.

  • Homeways Ltd.

  • Leonidas Meliniotis & Co Ltd.

  • Pambinos & Sons Agencies Ltd.

  • Procopis Gavrielides Ltd.

  • RonimaVeralco (Cyprus) Ltd.

  • Worldserve Business Services Ltd.

For further information, please contact Philip Ammerman on email

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