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Start with Z - Start with tangible client outcomes in mind
Start with Z
08 April 2016

One of the most difficult things for a consultant is to think in terms of client outcomes rather than his or her own input. This articles briefly reviews how a consultant can define an assignment with client priorities in mind.

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Paphos in Winter: Evidence of the Property Boom and Bust on Bar Street
Assessing Investments in the Cypriot Property Sector
09 December 2015

The Cypriot property sector has been extensively affected by the financial crisis and capital controls. This article reviews the general state of the Cyprus property sector and discusses key drivers and influencers on property valuation.

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In Defence of Greek Elections
20 September 2015

The latest elections called by Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras have left many friends, observers and professional partners scratching their heads. Counting the January 25th elections that brought SYRIZA to power and the July 5thReferendum, this is the third major election this year.

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No barrier to exit from Greece
No Barrier to Exit – Business Migration from Greece
28 July 2015

While media reports on Greece have been dominated by disclosures by former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’s plans to introduce a public arrears compensation system, a far more damaging phenomenon is taking place. Businesses and individuals are taking every step open to them to migrate their businesses or their finances away from Greece. The damage done by capital controls and by the economic mismanagement of the SYRIZA-ANEL government is reaching epic levels.

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Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras photo (c) Vasilis Ververides Dreamstime
Waiting for the Counterproposal
11 July 2015

In anticipation of the Eurogroup and European Council meetings today and tomorrow, I can only make the following additional comments to posts earlier this week.

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Tourism Investments in Cyprus: A Brief Assessment
10 July 2015

In March 2013, Cyprus entered into a structural reform agreement with the Troika. Today, it is apparent that a government commitment to structural reform and to investment promotion has led to the first signs of GDP growth and economic stabilisation. Tourism arrivals have been rebounding, and major new tourism investments have been announced. This article reviews the current situation in terms of tourism investments in Cyprus.

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No daylight between Greek and Troika proposals
10 July 2015

There is almost no difference between the Greek proposals for a third loan agreement published yesterday, and the Troika proposals published on June 26th. Yet in the meantime, a Greek Referendum took place in which 61.3% of the population rejected these same proposals.

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Ultimatums and Telegraphs
08 July 2015

Events in Greece and the Eurozone this week appear overwhelmingly negative, but there is a diminishing window of opportunity to strike a deal for Greece.

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