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European Agency Relocation Candidates
EMA and EBA to relocate from London due to Brexit
21 November 2017

The decision was announced on Monday for the successor locations for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EBA). Both European agencies were required to leave Britain due to Brexit, Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

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Cyprus at the Crossroads
14 March 2017

The economic, political and social situation in Cyprus remains mixed. Although Cyprus has exited the bailout, it is clear that the reform drive of the government had faltered, and that political support by other political parties has fractured. And while some very positive investments have been announced, the economy remains dominated by three sectors and economic headwinds, such as declining competitiveness and a high non-performing loan stock remain unaddressed.

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The Effectiveness of UKIP Campaign Advertising
26 June 2016

In two previous posts, I have reviewed why Britain voted “Leave” in the June 23rd Referendum, and what are some reasons the EU succeeds and fails. A picture is worth a thousand words, however, and the UK Independence Party has been one of the most effective parties in terms of creating powerful images that reinforce its message and go viral online.

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BBC News Brexit
Thoughts on Brexit
24 June 2016

It’s Friday morning on June 24th and already I’ve received several inquiries about the meaning and impact of the Brexit vote. Although the full vote hasn’t been counted, Leave currently has a lead of over 1 million votes, and in a referendum, it’s the number of votes that count, not their distribution. So why Brexit? Primarily because domestic economic conditions have been so difficult, UK voters have cast a very strong protest vote.

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Forest Park Platres Cyprus: Sylvan Terrace
Forest Park Retro
20 June 2016

I first visited the Forest Park Hotel in Platres in the summer of 1993 while working as a researcher on a Kienbaum Development Services project to restructure the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. Last Monday, I visited it again.

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Are you ready to retire on AirBNB?
12 May 2016

Many of you may know that last June, I became an “empty nester”, and found myself in the position where I no longer had to return home every weekend. As a result, I initiated what I call the era of “one way travel”. So it was with really great interest that I learned of a new trend: retiring on AirBNB.

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