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Numenor Capital spins off Navigator Consulting & Innovation Partners

Navigator Consulting & Innovation Partners Ltd. will group together all consultancy operations and projects in our group. Operating independently, Navigator Consulting will provide high value consulting services across the investment cycle:

  • Investment Advisory, including feasibility studies, market entry studies, competitor intelligence,

  • Investment Support, including consultancy services oriented towards fundraising, investment communications, investment support, due diligence and related services during an investment transaction;

  • Post-Investment Performance, including corporate strategy, corporate restructuring, business performance improvement, marketing services, and staff training and development.

Services are also offered on a stand-alone basis, not related to a wider investment or tech process.

A separate division within Navigator Consulting & Innovation Partners is Navigator Digital. This entity comprises a separate brand oriented towards supporting companies adapt to the challenges of technology and digital transformation.

Our business incubator will remain located within Navigator Consulting and will continue operations in terms of founding and supporting start-ups, social entrepreneurs and other causes.

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, Navigator Consulting provides consulting services to clients in Cyprus, Greece, Europe and internationally. Recent corporate expansions have also started in Dublin, Ireland and Houston, Texas.

Philip Ammerman, Managing Director of Navigator Consulting, stated that:

Spinning off Navigator Consulting into a separate company takes us one step further towards our strategic objective of having Numenor Capital act as our group holding company. Grouping our consulting assets into a separate corporate structure is a necessary step towards building a better partnership structure as well as focusing our business into strategic business units. As we recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic and look towards the next decade of operations, we understand that our entire consulting practice is going to change radically in the face of digital transformation. The decisions we take today will set us on a growth path towards that objective.

For further information, please contact us.

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