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Ilma Danieliene joins Navigator Consulting Group as a Director of Marketing and Strategy

We are delighted to announce that Ilma Danieliene has joined Navigator Consulting Group as Director of Marketing and Strategy.

The expansion of Navigator Consulting requires closer strategic management coordination as well as multi-spectrum marketing and sales. The complexity is such as that the tasks can no longer be handled organically by existing partners, and a separate position has been established for this task.

As Marketing and Strategy Director, Ilma will oversee and develop our strategic monitoring framework, including project management, portfolio management and financial reporting. She will also support and lead marketing activities ranging from content marketing and website management to customer relationship management and event management.

Ilma studied at ISM University of Management and Economics and Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. She speaks Lithuanian, English and Russian.

Her professional career started as Sales Manager at a Lithuanian food service company. She worked as Project Manager at the Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) and at ISM University of Management and Economics.

She has implemented a Leonardo Da Vinci project on Strengthening of Economic Performance of Business Networks (SeBPEN) developing business clusters in Poland and Lithuania.

Her personal interests include art therapy, existential psychology and related fields. Ilma volunteers to help troubled children and adults.

Connect with Ilma on LinkedIn

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