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Image by Gantas Vaičiulėnas

Indre Sapagovaite

Business Analyst


Indre joined ECN in March 2013 and since then is responsible for subcontracting and recruitment analysis.


Her educational background is in Economics, with a Master's Degree earned from the Kaunas University of Technology. Her interest in financial economics, internal and external international business environment brought her to Ukio Bank in Kaunas, where she was the Corporate Clients Manager, responsible for lending. There she worked closely with public institutions, international organizations and political parties as well as private firms. She  has also worked in tourism sector in France and United States of America.


Indre has extensive experience in risk management, corporate finance analysis, economics and advanced quantitative research and business sector analysis.


Indre is a volunteer in Big Brothers Big Sisters programme. She is a keen snowboarder and runner. Indre lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.



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