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Business Plan, Corrugated Packaging

In March 2007, Navigator Consulting was commissioned by a multinational packaging firm to develop a business plan for a large-scale investment programme comprising the installation of a third paper machine as well as expansion of corrugation and box-making capacity.

Our client is Ukraine’s largest producer of the corrugated packaging, with two factory sites in central and eastern Ukraine. It produces a full range of corrugated packaging products: corrugated case materials (CCM), corrugated board (2, 3, 5 and 7 ply), corrugated packaging (corrugated board, converted to corrugated packaging through cutting and printing), heavy duty, offset printed microflute. It is Ukraine's only producer of F and N profile micro corrugated packaging and 7 ply corrugated board.

The analytical components of the business plan included:

Executive Summary

Description of Company

  • Corporate Development Plan

  • Factory 1: Modernisation & Expansion

  • Factory 2: Modernisation & Expansion

Project Description

  • Overview of the Investment Project

  • Paper Production and Sales Forecasts

  • Engineering Specifications

Market Analysis

  • Corrugated Packaging Products

  • Forecast Demand for Corrugated Packaging

  • 2007 Segment Growth Forecasts (Alcoholic Drinks, Juices, Beer, Confectionary, Household Appliances, Tobacco, Oil & Fats)

  • Sales by Segment and Geographic Region

  • Packaging Mix

  • National Market Share & Competitors

  • Competitor Analysis

Marketing & Sales Plan

  • Strategic Objectives

  • Marketing & Sales Approach

  • Customers & Segments

  • Pricing & Credit Policy

  • Quality

  • Organisational Structure

Financial Plan

  • Financial Model

  • Profit/Loss Account

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Balance Sheet Analysis

Risk Analysis

  • Market Instability

  • Changes in Packaging Trends

  • Environmental Impact


In November 2007, the client successfully concluded a EUR 60 million syndicated loan from Citibank N.A. (USA), Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG) and Investkredit Bank (Austria) for the 2007 investment programme.

All information relating to this client, the specific investment project and its sponsors collected by NAVIGATOR Consulting Group Ltd. during this business plan development project  is strictly confidential and will not be released by NAVIGATOR Consulting Group Ltd. to any third parties. This information appears here as an indication of NAVIGATOR’s consultancy capabilities in this field.

Multinational Packaging Firm

Date of Engagement:
February - June 2007

Countries of Operation:

Business Function:
Investment Advisory Services, Marketing

Business Sector:

Industry & Manufacturing, Packaging


EUR 151,000,000

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