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Marketing Monitoring, Brewery Sector

NAVIGATOR monitored the implementation of a $ 60 million business plan, which included the disbursement of a $ 40 million loan provided by an International Financial Institution to Ukraine’s largest brewery.

In 1999, the client had an annual turnover of $ 110 million and a brewing capacity of 50 million hectolitres. It was also the first company to be privatised in Ukraine, and between 1998-2003 was the largest private contributor to Kyiv’s tax authority.

Our responsibilities included:

  • The design and implementation of a comprehensive 360° marketing monitoring framework, including sales analysis, staffing, organizational structure and annual budget disbursement;
  • Review of external market share analysis from AC Nielsen and similar agencies;
  • Development of a distribution centre auditing programme in regional cities such as Zaporizhya, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkhiv and Zhytomir;
  • Review of sales and distribution strategy, including corporate credit policies, distribution methods and financial aspects of sales;
  • Merchandising and retail analysis;
  • Customer and distributor surveys;
  • In-house competitive benchmarking;
  • Comparison of national sales and sales trends to international trends;
  • Business intelligence system development on the beer, low-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and mineral water categories in Ukraine and Russia;
  • Assessment of staff HR and salesforce competencies.