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Venture Garden launches 18th Call for Participation by Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

VentureGarden is a training programme for Greek entrepreneurs that want to develop their skills, gain access to a continuously growing entrepreneurial network and receive hands-on training.

The programme comprises 8 classes based on the Value Proposition Canvas which focuses on market research and understanding customer/user needs (Idea-Solution Fit). All classes are held in the Greek language.

Following the training phase, participants have the chance to work with experienced mentors over a 2-month period to implement their plan.

VentureGarden is delivered in Thessaloniki by the American College of Thessaloniki and in Athens by Alba Graduate Business School. VentureGarden is supported by The Hellenic Initiative.

Applications for the 18th Round have started and will be open until September 11, 2022.

The classes are expected to start on September 26 and will take place every Monday and Wednesday, 18:00-21:00. The program is implemented in Greek. It will be implemented with a physical presence at the Alba Graduate Business School if conditions allow.

For more information, please consult:

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